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Academic Areas


Dr. Abhishek KATHURIA

Innovation and Information Management

Assistant Professor

3917 8349
Dr. Abhishek KATHURIA

Academic and Professional Qualifications

  • BIT University of Delhi
  • PGDBM Indian Institute of Management Indore
  • Ph.D. Emory University


Dr.Abhishek Kathuria is an Assistant Professor of Innovation and Information Management at the School of Business of The University of Hong Kong. He received his Ph.D. in Information Systems from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University, where he examined manufacturing firms and the role of IT in improving their competitive performance by facilitating concurrent pursuit of the seemingly conflicting strategies of explorative and exploitative innovation. His primary research interests lie at the intersection of Information Systems and Strategic Management, with a focus on two major topics. The first examines the intangiblevalue of IT and includes questions related to the role of IT in enhancing a firm’s competitive advantage and performance. The second examines issues related to technology acquisitions, which are primarily executed for acquiring knowledge, innovation and technological know-how. His additional interests include the study of enterprise systems and emerging patterns of commerce in hyper-competitive and hyper-turbulent virtual environments.

Dr.Kathuria has taught sessions, courses and training programs in Information Management, Technology Entrepreneurship and IT Strategy at the undergraduate,graduate and executive levels. He has been recognized for his superior teaching leadership in the Executive MBA Program at Goizueta Business School. His research and teaching benefit from his rich and diverse work experience gained atan IT product firm, an IT services firm and an IT consumer firm while performing different roles across pre-sales, delivery management, package implementation,process consulting, and IT consulting. His work experience spans across different industry verticals that include banking, financial services, telecom,education, retail, and manufacturing. He has worked in different geographies for small, medium and large clients based in India, the United Kingdom,mainland Europe, USA, and Australia, on all stages of the product lifecycle,including new offerings, proof of concepts, existing products, and mature IT projects. He has also provided advice and strategic guidance to several technology startups.

Dr. Kathuria has authored research papers, teaching cases and book chapters, which have been published in the Communications of the Association for Information Systems and the Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems, and presented at the Meeting of the Academy of Management (BPS & OCIS Divisions) and the OrganizationScience Winter Conference. He has received several fellowships and awards,including the Sheth Doctoral Fellowship, Goizueta Fellowship and Doctoral Consortia Fellowships at three major international conferences. He has acquired several professional certifications, and holds a graduate degree in management from the Indian Institute of Management Indore and an undergraduate degree in information technology.

Research Interests

  • Intangible Business Value of IT
  • Technology Acquisitions
  • Enterprise Systems
  • Emerging Models of Commerce in Virtual Environments

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