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Dr. Jayson Shi JIA


Assistant Professor

3917 1611
Dr. Jayson Shi JIA

Academic and Professional Qualifications

  • B.A. Economics, Yale University
  • Ph.D. Marketing, Stanford University Graduate School of Business


Jayson Jia’s research is on the structure of risk, pleasure, and connections. These interests descend from three research traditions; behavioral decision making research on risk and uncertainty; psychology research on the nature of pleasure and utility; and big data research on the structure of social connections and experiences. Methodologically, his recent work has used mobile phone networks as a population-scale experimental platform. His research has been published in Management Science, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Psychological Science, and Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, and has received popular media coverage by outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, MSN, and Harvard Business Review.

Major Grants and Awards

  • 2016 RGC GRF Grant (#17506316), Principal Investigator (USD 125,000)
  • 2015 Major Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China (#71490722), Co-Investigator (USD 375,000)
  • 2014 RGC Early Career Scheme (#27500114), Principal Investigator (USD 73,200)
  • 2012 Alden G. Clayton Doctoral Dissertation Award (Sole Winner),  Marketing Science Institute


  • Jia, Jayson S., Jianmin Jia, Christopher Hsee, and Baba Shiv (2016), “The Role of Hedonic Behavior in Reducing Perceived Risk: Evidence from Post-Earthquake Mobile App Data,” Psychological Science, Forthcoming.
  • Jia, Jayson S., Uzma Khan, and Ab Litt (2015), “The Effect of Self-Control on the Construction of Risk Perceptions”, Management Science, 61(9), 2259-2280.
  • Jia, Jayson S., Baba Shiv, Sanjay Rao (2014), “Product-Agnosia: How Increased Visual Scrutiny Reduces Product Distinctiveness”, Journal of Consumer Research, 41(2), 342-360.
  • Dai, Xianchi, Ping Dong, Jayson S. Jia (2013), “When Does Playing Hard To Get Increase Romantic Attraction?” Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.
  • Tormala, Zakary, Jayson S. Jia, Michael I. Norton (2012), “The Preference for Potential”, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 103(4), 567-583. (Lead Article)

Selected Working Papers

  • “The Impact of Pre-experiences on the Enjoyment of Multi-part Experiences”
    Jayson S. Jia, Baba Shiv
  • “Predicting Response Behavior with Mobile Metadata”
    Jayson S. Jia, Xianchi Dai, and Jianmin Jia
  • “Hedonic Combinatorics: How Framing Products as Bundles Changes Enjoyment”^
    Ke Zhang* and Jayson S. Jia*
  • “The Taste of a Bad Deal: How Transaction Utility Affects Experience Utility”
    Jayson S. Jia, Baba Shiv
  • “The Impact of Risk Experiences on Social Network Structure”
    Jayson S. Jia, Jianmin Jia, Xin Lu, Nicholas Christakis
  • “The Persuasive Advantage of Change”
    Daniella Kupor*, Jayson S. Jia*, Zakary Tormala

*Denotes equal first authorship


  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Internet and Digital Marketing

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