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Dr. Yanfeng ZHENG


Associate Professor

3917 1026
Dr. Yanfeng ZHENG

Academic and Professional Qualifications

Ph.D. University of Wisconsin Madison

Brief Biography

Dr. Zheng is currently working as an assistant professor in the School of Business, Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Hong Kong, and the associate director of the Centre for Asian Entrepreneurship and Business Values (CASEBV). He earned his Ph.D. from University of Wisconsin Madison in 2006, majored in management and minored in economics.


Dr. Zheng has extensive teaching experience in entrepreneurship and strategic management. He has developed a few innovative teaching methods and novel courses at HKU such as Common Core Course on entrepreneurship. Dr. Zheng also advises HKU students on business plan competition and other entrepreneurial activities such as YDC Young Entrepreneur Challenge.


Research interests

His research interests primarily revolve around the nexus of strategic management and entrepreneurship. His work has been published at leading management and entrepreneurship journals such as Academy of Management Journal (AMJ), Strategic Management Journal (SMJ), Journal of Business Venturing (JBV), Journal of Management Studies (JMS), Industrial and Corporate Change (ICC), and Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal (SEJ). He also serves the editorial board of AMJ, the most prestigious academic journal in management field.


  • Yang, H., Zheng, Y. & Zaheer, A. Asymmetric Learning Capabilities and Returns from Alliances (Forthcoming: Academy of Management Journal)
  • Yang, H., Zheng, Y. (equal lead author) & Zhao, X. 2013. Exploration or Exploitation? Small Firms’ Alliance Strategies with Large Firms. Strategic Management Journal. ISSN: 0143-2095, 35(1) p.146-157.
  • Zheng, Y., George, G., & Miner, A. 2013. Does the Learning Value of Individual Failure Experience Depend on Group Level Success? Insights from a University Technology Transfer Office. Industrial and Corporate Change. ISSN: 0960-6491, 22(6) 1557-1586.
  • Zheng, Y. & Mai, Y. 2013. A Contextualized Transactive Memory System View on How Founding Teams Respond to Surprises: Evidence from China. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal. ISSN 1932-4391, 7(3) p.197-213.
  • Mai, Y. & Zheng, Y. 2013. How On-the-job Embeddednes Influences New Venture Creation and Growth. Journal of Small Business Management. ISSN: 0047-2778, 51(4) p.508-524.
  • Zheng, Y. 2012. Unlocking Founding Team Prior Shared Experience: A Transactive Memory System Perspective. Journal of Business Venturing. ISSN: 0883-9026, 27(5) p.577-591.
  • Zheng, Y. 2011. In Their Eyes: How Entrepreneurs Evaluate Venture Capital Firms. Journal of Private Equity. ISSN: 1096-5572, 14(2) p.72-85.
  • Kotha, R., Zheng, Y. & George, G. 2011. Entry into New Niches: The Expansion of Technological Capabilities on Innovative Output and Impact. Strategic Management Journal. ISSN: 0143-2095, 32(9) p.1011-1024.
  • Zheng, Y., Liu, J. & George, G. 2010. The Dynamic Impact of Innovative Capability and Inter-firm Network on Firm Valuation: A Longitudinal Study of Biotechnology Start-ups. Journal of Business Venturing. ISSN: 0883-9026, 25(6) p.593-609.
  • George, G., Kotha, R. & Zheng, Y. 2008. Entry into Insular Domains: A Longitudinal Study of Knowledge Structuration and Innovation in Biotechnology Firms. Journal of Management Studies. ISSN: 0022-2380, 45(8) p.1448-1474.


In addition to classroom teaching and academic research, Dr. Zheng is keenly interested in connecting with the entrepreneurial communities, both locally and globally. He helps with coordinating entrepreneurial activities within the CASBV scope. His story was covered by well-known public media such as Southern China Morning Post. He also provides consultancy services for local technology start-ups.

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