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Dr. Maurice K.S. TSE , JP


BE/BEF Programme Director

Principal Lecturer

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Dr. Maurice K.S. TSE


Maurice Tse received a Ph.D. in Finance from Michigan State University. In 1988, when still a Ph.D. candidate, he won the All-University-Excellence in Teaching Award as a graduate course instructor. Maurice joined the School of Business at Indiana University in 1989. In 1991, he also obtained a professional qualification as an Associate of the Society of Actuaries (ASA). Maurice's teaching has mainly been concerned with telling students how to get rich slowly but surely instead of getting rich fast.

Maurice has also been involved in teaching and consulting services to professional institutions. Since 1995, he has been an external assessor for the University Grants Committee. In 1996, while on staff at HKUST, Maurice taught the Professional Course for Equity Options Practitioners and the Diploma Course in Derivatives and Risk Management for the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. In 1993 and 1994, he served on one of the Examination Committees in the Society of Actuaries. In 1991, he prepared the 1991 Housing Affordability Report for the Housing Finance Authority, State of Indiana, USA, to assist the state in complying with Department of Housing and Urban Development regulations.

Maurice has wide research interests, which include the effects of government regulations on the volatility and the wealth transfer in financial markets, asset pricing, corporate finance, and risk management. His current research focuses on the valuation of hybrid mortgage, signaling and corporate acquisitions, market structure and return volatility in Hong Kong, the commercial real estate market adjustment process, and the U.S. and Japanese Currency and Stock Market Responses to Japanese Merchandise Balance of Trade Announcements


  • "Supply Adjustments to Demand Shocks in the Commercial Real Estate Market",
    (with G.H. Lentz), Real Estate Economics, forthcoming.
  • "The U.S. International Air Route Award Process: Shareholder Wealth Effects and Policy Implications",
    (with G.E. Hoffer and S.W. Pruitt), The Journal of Regulatory Economics, Vol. 12, 1997, pp.197-217.
  • "The Price, volatility, volume, and liquidity effects of Changes in Federal Reserve Margin Requirements on both Marginable and Non-marginable OTC Stocks",
    in S.W. Pruitt and Andrew Lo, (eds.), The Industrial Organization and Regulation of the Securities Industry, National Bureau of Economic Research, University of Chicago, 1996.The Industrial Organization and Regulation of the Securities Industry
    National Bureau of Economic Research, University of Chicago, 1996.
  • "An Option Pricing Approach to the Valuation of Commercial Real Estate Contaminated with Hazardous Materials",
    (with G.H. Lentz), The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Vol. 10. No. 2, Spring 1995, pp.121-144.
  • "A Quadratic Approach to the Two-Stage Dividend Discount Model",
    in K.Han and J. Uppal, Dilip K. Ghosh, (eds) , New Advances in Financial Economics, Oxford, Elsevier Science Publishers, London, U.K., 1995, pp.23-37.New Advances in Financial Economics
    Oxford, Elsevier Science Publishers, London, U.K., 1995.
  • "The CRISMA Trading System: The Next Five Years",
    (with S.W. Pruitt and R.E. White), The Journal of Portfolio Management, Vol. 18, 1992, pp.22-25.
  • "Downside Risk and Investment Planning",
    (with M.A. White and J. Uppal), The Financial Review, Vol. 28 No. 4, November 1993, pp.585-605, an abstract of this article was also published in the CFA Digest, Spring 1994, by the Association for Investment Management and Research.


Room 919, K K Leung Building

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