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Strategy and International Business


Prof. Kevin Zheng ZHOU

Strategy and International Business


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Prof. Kevin Zheng ZHOU

Academic and Professional Qualifications

  • PhD Virginia Tech
  • BE, MS Tsinghua


Prof. Kevin Zhou is Chang-Jiang Scholar Chair Professor, Professor of Strategy/International Business at the School of Business, the University of Hong Kong.  Prof. Zhou received a B.E. (with honors) in Automatic Control and an M.S. in Economics and Management at Tsinghua University, and a Ph.D. specializing in Marketing and Strategy from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. 

Prof. Zhou has published numerous papers in prestigious journals such as Administrative Science Quarterly, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Marketing, Journal of International Business Studies, Organization Science, and among others. He received the Outstanding Researcher Award of FBE in 2013 and HKU Research Output Award in 2006 and 2011.

Prof. Zhou currently serves as the senior editor of Asia Pacific Journal of Management, editorial board member of Strategic Management Journal, Journal of International Business Studies and Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, as well as the Panel Member of Business Studies Panel, HK Research Grants Council.  He is also the World’s Top 1% cited scholars based on ISI's Essential Science Indicators (ESI) since 2011.

Prof. Zhou has rich experience in teaching International Business, International Marketing, Business Research, Marketing Management at Virginia Tech, University of Hong Kong, and University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  He has also taught Business Data Analysis for MBA, Marketing Research for IMBA, and Business Research for PKKI Executive Programs at HKU, as well as Marketing Management for EMBA program at UNCC.  He has rich consulting experiences working with companies such as Federal Pharmaceutical, 3M, Riche Monde, and TCH. He received the Outstanding Teacher Awards for IMBA Teaching (2006-2007) at HKU.

Research Interests

  • Capability and Innovation
  • Trust and Relational Ties in Emerging Economies and China

Professional Services

  • “Changjiang Scholar” Chair Professor, Ministry of Education of China, 2015 -
  • Panel Member, Business Studies Panel of HK Research Grants Council, 2012 -
  • Senior Editor, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 2010 -
  • Editorial Board Member:

    Strategic Management Journal, 2013 -
    Journal of the International Business Studies, 2009 -
    Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 2007 -
    Journal of International Marketing, 2013 -
    Journal of World Business, 2009 -
    Industrial Marketing Management, 2008 -
    Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 2007 - 2009
    Journal of Marketing Science (Chinese), 2004 – 2013

Selected Publications at UT Dallas Listed Journals

  1. Zhou KZ, GY Gao, and H Zhao (2016), “State Ownership and Product Innovation in China: An Integrated View of Efficiency and Legitimacy,” Administrative Science Quarterly, forthcoming.
  2. Poppo L, KZ Zhou, and JJ Li (2016), “When Can You Trust ‘Trust?’ Calculative Trust, Relational Trust, and Supplier Performance,” Strategic Management Journal, 37(4): 724-741.
  3. Gao GY, E Xie, KZ Zhou (2015), “How Does Supplier Network Drive Innovation of Buyer Firms? Technological Diversity, Network Features, and Market Forces,” Journal of Operations Management, 36(May), 165-177.
  4. Poppo L and KZ Zhou (2014), “Managing Contracts for Fairness in Buyer-Supplier Exchanges,” Strategic Management Journal, 35(10): 1508-1527 (equal contribution).
  5. Zhou, KZ, Q Zhang, S Sheng, E Xie, and Y Bao (2014), “Are Relational Ties Always Good for Knowledge Acquisition? Buyer–Supplier Exchanges in China.” Journal of Operations Management, 32(3): 88-98.
  6. Zhou, KZ and D. Xu (2012), “How Foreign Firms Curtail Local Supplier Opportunism in China? Detailed Contracts, Centralized Control, and Relational Governance,” Journal of International Business Studies, 43(7): 677-692.
  7. Zhou, KZ and CB Li (2012), “How Knowledge Affects Radical Innovation: Knowledge Base, Market Knowledge Acquisition, and Internal Knowledge Sharing,” Strategic Management Journal, 33(9): 1090-1102.
  8. Sheng, S, KZ Zhou, and JJ Li (2011), “The Effects of Business and Political Ties on Firm Performance: Evidence from China,” Journal of Marketing, 75(1): 1-15 (lead article)
  9. Zhou KZ and L Poppo (2010), “Exchange Hazards, Relational Reliability, and Contracts in China: The Contingent Role of Legal Enforceability,” Journal of International Business Studies, 41(5): 861-881
  10. Zhou, KZ and F Wu (2010), “Technological Capability, Strategic Flexibility, and Product Innovation,” Strategic Management Journal, 31(5): 547–561
  11. Li, JJ, L Poppo. and KZ Zhou (2010), “Relational Mechanisms, Formal Contracts, and Local Knowledge Acquisition by International Subsidiaries,” Strategic Management Journal, 31(4): 349–370 (lead article)
  12. Li, JJ, KZ Zhou, and A Shao (2009) “Competitive Position, Managerial Ties, and Profitability of Foreign Firms in China: An Interactive Perspective,” Journal of International Business Studies, 40(2): 339-352
  13. Zhou, KZ, JJ Li, N Zhou, and C Su (2008), “Market Orientation, Job Satisfaction, Product Quality, and Firm Performance: Evidence from China,” Strategic Management Journal, 29(9): 985-1000.
  14. Li, JJ, L Poppo, and KZ Zhou (2008) “Do Managerial Ties in China Always Produce Value? Competition, Uncertainty, and Domestic vs. Foreign Firms,” Strategic Management Journal, 29(4): 383-400.
  15. Zhou, KZ, L Poppo, and Z Yang (2008), “Relational Ties or Customized Contracts? An Examination of Alternative Governance Choices in China,” Journal of International Business Studies, 39(3): 526-534.
  16. Poppo, L, KZ Zhou, and S Ryu (2008), “Alternative Origins to Interorganizational Trust: An Interdependence Perspective on the Shadow of the Past and the Shadow of the Future,” Organization Science, 19(1), 39-55.
  17. Zhou, KZ, JR Brown, CS Dev, and S Agarwal (2007), “The Effects of Customer and Competitor Orientations on Performance in Global Markets: A Contingency Analysis,” Journal of International Business Studies, 38(2), 303-319.
  18. Zhou, KZ, DK Tse, and JJ Li (2006), “Organizational Change in Emerging Economies: Drivers and Consequences,” Journal of International Business Studies, 37(2): 248-263.
  19. Zhou, KZ, CK Yim, and DK Tse (2005), “The Effects of Strategic Orientations on Tech- and Market-based Breakthrough Innovations,” Journal of Marketing, 69(2), 42-60.
  20. Brown, J, C Dev, and Z Zhou (2003), “Broadening the Foreign Market Entry Mode Decision: Separating Ownership and Control,” Journal of International Business Studies, 34(5), 473-88.



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