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Feedback from Past Participants

  • “BCP is a valuable chance for us to gain real life experience during our university life. It is different from a case competition as we have to treat ourselves as real consultants and be responsible for every decision and suggestion we make. It is also different from an internship because we are not just following the seniors but can really solve the problems by ourselves through learning from our professors and mentors. The professors are really helpful and gave precious professional suggestions when we encountered a bottleneck. Mentor is also nice and introduced us to some of his friends who also gave suggestions to our questionnaire. And our clients are really responsive and frank. We not only got positive responses to help us conduct the survey, but also gained industry insights through talking with our clients. Thus BCP is really an invaluable and unique experience for us before we get into the real society.”

  • “I cherish each and every interaction and relationship I had with my mentor, client, and teammates. BCP is not only a program that helps you gain practical experience in a particular field, but also one that provides strong motivation to be successful like our mentor and client and allows for me to learn from each of my teammates’ diverse talents. It is the continuing relationship I have with my teammates, client, and mentor that I treasure the most.”

  • “I believe BCP 2016 provided me with an invaluable experience to solve a real-life business problem. It improved my analytical skills, communication skills and professionalism in handling clients. I met a team of good friends who are all interested to explore more about the hot topic of Fintech.”


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