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Knowledge Exchange

Building on
a Century of Excellence

KE Projects 2011-12

Knowledge Exchange (KE), together with Teaching and Research, form the three pillars that underpin all the activities of The University of Hong Kong (HKU). To advocate and support knowledge exchange activities, the University provides KE project funding/grant for its staff and students to undertake projects that enable them to utilise their expertise to create positive impact on the society.


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Soap Cycling Project

Photo source: Pixabay (royalty free)

Student Project Team: Mr. Dickson CHAN, Mr. Justen Kwok Yee LI, Miss Audrey Cheuk Kei WONG, Mr. Chung Wah CHEW, Miss Che Yin AU YEUNG, Mr. Lai Kang LAU, Miss Hiu Yan CHING, Miss Sze Long YIU, Miss Mei Ki KWONG, Miss Wai Man CHU
Mentor: Mr. David BISHOP
Partner organisation: Soap Cycling

Project objectives: The project aims to (i) relieve poverty in Hong Kong, mainland China and the world by providing the poor with basic hygiene products such as soap, (ii) prevent diseases that are caused by poor hygienic conditions through health education, and (iii) enhance environmental well-being by recycling soaps.

Tthe team partners over 40 Hong Kong hotels. Slightly used hotel soaps that are to be thrown away will be turned into new, clean soaps using refining and plodding machines which are operated by Hong Kong students.  The processed soaps will then be distributed to disadvantaged communities in developing countries by various charitable organisations. Leaflets promoting the importance of good hygiene will also be handed to the people so as to teach them the proper way of washing hands.

Project outcomes: The team worked with its faculty mentor, Mr. David BISHOP, on establishing a non-profit government organisation, Soap Cycling, which aims at relieving poverty in the world by providing people with basic hygiene products. Processed soaps were re-distributed to developing countries through partner charitable organisations. For example, the team distributed recycled soaps to Cambodia with the help of another HKU student project. Apart from routine work, a marketing event was also held in the HKU campus in order to recruit more helpers and educate students about the importance of soap recycling in enhancing the environmental well-being. The event was a great success and a lot of local and foreign students showed keen interest in joining the project.


Empowering Social Enterprises through US

empowering social enterprises
Photo credit: Student Project Team

Student Project Team: Mr. Tau Shen LIM, Mr. Chun Chuen CHU, Miss Serena Lok Sze LEUNG
Mentor: Mr. Baniel CHEUNG
Partner organisation: Young Entrepreneurs for Society Network (YES Network)


Project objectives: This project aims to equip university students (US) with social entrepreneurial mindsets and knowledge to provide impact-driven consultancy to Social Enterprises in Hong Kong.

Project outcomes: The team has achieved its project objective in inculcating a social-entrepreneurship mindset and providing design thinking consulting skills for students with multi-disciplinary knowledge to empower the partnering social enterprises in increasing their social impact. Students were given opportunities to provide consultancy services to partner organisations, join training workshops and Social Enterprise Summit, and attend social entrepreneurship seminars.


Upcycling for a Change

Photo source: Pixabay (royalty free)

Student Project Team: Miss Wing Sze HUI, Mr. Leong CHAN, Mr. To Ching CHAN, Miss Antonia Wai Han CHENG, Mr. Shok Yuen CHEONG, Mr. Benjamin Ka Chun LAW
Mentor: Dr. Michael CHAU
Partner organisation: Déjà vu Creation


Project objectives: This project aims to (i) attract new generation to engage in sustainable development activities, (ii) promote the use of IT in the field of  sustainable development, and (iii) raise public concern on current environmental issue.

Project outcomes: In the project, an official website named Value+ has been built as a promotion of upcycling, sustainable development and the video competition. Facebook page and Youtube channel has also been registered for promoting the whole project. After the promotion and submission of videos, a closing ceremony has been held in HKU. According to the data logging from the website admin, the official website has been reached by more than 1,000 users. There are 185 likes for the Facebook page. The uploaded participating videos have attracted more than 2,000 views in total.


New SME: Social Mission Engagement


Student Project Team: Miss Yifeng LI, Miss Jiasi CHEN, Miss Chang CHEN, Miss Wen SUN
Mentor: Dr. Winnie LEUNG
Partner organisations: The Oaks, The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business

Project objectives: This project aims to strengthen the tie between the community and SMEs (small-medium enterprises) in Hong Kong. Due to limited resources, SEMs may not be able to explore business opportunities which can increase their firm values while addressing community needs. They may not be aware of the potential benefits to their companies by CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). This project involves university students to serve this role. HKU students will participate in a competition to identify community needs and evaluate the feasibility (practically and economically) of providing such needs. The proposals will be communicated to the SMEs for their consideration.

Project outcomes: The project successfully brought Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the spotlight and established a positive bond between the student body and SMEs. The team applied its academic knowledge to the research and presentations on CSR. It also put organisation and publicity skills into practice. Participants thought they learned more about CSR and SMEs from the student seminar and the case competition. The project also aroused their interest in the topic.


Business Ethics: Pathway to Future Leader

Photo source: Pixabay (royalty free)

Student Project Team: Mr. Yu Wai TO, Mr. Dian DENG, Mr. Yau Wai SHIU, Miss Qingqing CAI
Mentor: Dr. Winnie LEUNG
Partner organisation: Junior Achievement Hong Kong


Project objectives: It is of great importance to nurture future business leaders to uphold high ethical standards. This project aims at promoting business ethics to secondary students in Hong Kong. It brings opportunities to secondary students to interact and exchange ideas with business leaders and the project team on business ethics issues. The ultimate goal is to discourage unethical business practices and reduce commercial crimes in community.

Project outcomes: The project team has achieved fruitful results by organising school seminars and student conventions about business ethics. With the extensive support of Junior Achievement, the learning events have reached 435 students of 13 schools.

Leap of Young Entrepreneurship

young entrepreneurship
Photo source: Pixabay (royalty free)

Student Project Team: Miss Huimin BAO, Miss Xiaoying LIANG, Miss Ouya WANG
Mentor: Dr. Winnie LEUNG
Partner organisation: The Kairos Society, Hitotsubashi Entrepreneurship Club


Project objectives: This project aims to promote entrepreneurial spirit among tertiary level students in Hong Kong and provide potential student entrepreneurs  with an international platform for knowledge and idea exchange.

Project outcomes:  With the support provided by the HKU Student Knowledge Exchange Project Grant Scheme, a series of entrepreneurial activities under the theme of Leap of Young Entrepreneurship have been accomplished and achieved expected impacts. The team organised a group of 8 HK students to participate Kairos Global Summit 2012 and enabled these student entrepreneurs to share their start-up experiences with other students back in HK. The 3-day HK-Japan Student Entrepreneurship Tour has increased local students’ knowledge of HK’s business environment and creative industry and understanding of Japanese young entrepreneurs. The team also held a half-day open forum to all university students in HK, featuring successful entrepreneurs and university professors as distinguished speakers to share expertise and discuss with students over the development and trend of social enterprises, family business, etc.

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