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Knowledge Exchange

Building on
a Century of Excellence

KE Projects 2012-13

Knowledge Exchange (KE), together with Teaching and Research, form the three pillars that underpin all the activities of The University of Hong Kong (HKU). To advocate and support knowledge exchange activities, the University provides KE project funding/grant for its staff and students to undertake projects that enable them to utilise their expertise to create positive impact on the society.


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Soap Cycling Project

Photo source: Pixabay (royalty free)

Student Project Team:  Miss Wing In SO, Miss Joyce Ho Yan LEUNG, Miss Mei Ki Kwong, Mr. Chit Hang CHAN, Miss Sin Ying SO
Mentor: Mr. David BISHOP
Partner organisation: Soap Cycling

Project objectives: Soap Cycling Project was initiated in 2011-12. The project in 2012-13 builds upon its previous achievements. It aims to enhance environmental awareness of the general public, demonstrate the importance of recycling, and encourage students to be more creative when they are faced with difficulties. Besides, Soap Cycling (a non-profit organisation established by Mr. David BISHOP) members will organise workshops and training sessions in a bid to educate students on the proper way of washing hands as well as the importance and standard of hygiene and sanitation. 

The team partners over 40 Hong Kong hotels. Slightly used hotel soaps that are to be thrown away will be turned into new, clean soaps using refining and plodding machines which are operated by Hong Kong students.  The processed soaps will then be distributed to disadvantaged communities in developing countries by various charitable organisations.  Leaflets promoting the importance of good hygiene will also be handed to the people so as to teach them the proper way of washing hands.

Project outcomes: In the year 2012-13, Soap Cycling has a greater reach of publicity among the local community. A launching press conference was held in September 2012 to officially introduce the organisation to the general public in Hong Kong. In October 2012, Soap Cycling partnered with UNICEF Hong Kong Committee to raise awareness for the Global Handwashing Day by organising 5 soap making workshops and soap deliveries to underprivileged families in Hong Kong. To promote the work and mission of Soap Cycling, a 2-day publicity carnival was held in Discovery Park Shopping Mall. The event has approximately attracted 2000+ people over the two days. Apart from the above major events, Soap Cycling also collaborated with corporate teams and hotel partners to organise volunteering sessions to their employees, enabling them to understand better how a project of recycled soaps has the potential to impact the lives of million people in developing countries.


Business Ethics: Pathway to Future Leader

Photo source: Pixabay (royalty free)

Student Project Team: Miss Ji Hyun HAN, Miss Huiling JIANG, Miss Margaret Shengnan DUAN, Miss Junye ZHANG, Mr. Han BAO, Mr. Yang WU, Miss Chui Sze HO, Miss Hoi Man CHENG, Miss Chun Ming CHIK, Miss Rachel Wing Sum HO
Mentor: Dr. Winnie LEUNG
Partner organisations: Junior Achievement Hong Kong, Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries

Project objectives: This project was initiated in 2011-12. The mission of this project is to nurture future business leaders with a high sense of social responsibility and integrity through understanding business ethics. The team aims at providing secondary school students a platform to interact and exchange ideas with business leaders and the project team on business ethics issues.

Project outcomes: The project team has achieved satisfactory results by organising a one-day learning convention at HKU and a school seminar about business ethics for secondary school students during the project period. With the substantial support of external partners, Junior Achievement Hong Kong (JA) and the Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries (HKICS), the learning events have reached 385 students of 16 schools. Through the learning activities, the team has made the students aware of the importance of business ethics and educated them to become socially responsible citizens with a stronger sense of integrity.

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