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Knowledge Exchange

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KE Projects 2013-14

Knowledge Exchange (KE), together with Teaching and Research, form the three pillars that underpin all the activities of The University of Hong Kong (HKU). To advocate and support knowledge exchange activities, the University provides KE project funding/grant for its staff and students to undertake projects that enable them to utilise their expertise to create positive impact on the society.


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The Next Generation of Business in Asia: an Exploration of Business Ethics, Social Innovation, and Corporate Social Responsibility

Photo source: Pixabay (royalty free)

Project Co-ordinator: Mr. David BISHOP
Project team member: Mr. Beau LEFLER


Project objectives: Although many business leaders recognise the need for sustainable business practices, there is considerable confusion in Hong Kong and throughout Asia concerning the meaning of and difference between business ethics, social innovation and corporate social responsibility. Companies and the Hong Kong government are simultaneously spending tens of millions of dollars to address these issues, but effectiveness has been limited due to their deep misunderstandings on the issues. This project aims to educate the business community – and especially the next generation of business leaders - concerning these three meaningful topics through seminars, a website and blog, short articles, and educational videos so that meaningful change can be brought to businesses in Asia.

Project outcomes: The team conducted several ethics seminars and training sessions with both university students and working professionals. The seminar/training sessions were attended by approximately 92 participants. Mr. David BISHOP, the project Co-ordinator, gave 4 public talks about social enterprise to over 500 people, including participants of the HKTDC's HK Forum and the Social Enterprise Summit.

Video of speech at the 14th HK Forum:
Video of forum discussion at the 14th HK Forum:

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