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Knowledge Exchange

Building on
a Century of Excellence

KE Projects 2015-16

Knowledge Exchange (KE), together with Teaching and Research, form the three pillars that underpin all the activities of The University of Hong Kong (HKU). To advocate and support knowledge exchange activities, the University provides KE project funding/grant for its staff and students to undertake projects that enable them to utilise their expertise to create positive impact on the society.


2015-16 | 2014-15 2013-14 | 2012-13 | 2011-12

The Eureka Consulting Group Case Writer Internship

project photo
Photo credit: Dr. Abhishek KATHURIA

Project Co-ordinator: Dr. Abhishek KATHURIA
Project Team Members: Dr. Nikhil CELLY, Prof. Anselmo REYES, Vikay NARAYEN, Suhail BINDRA, Deborah WONG, Louisa SHI, Neetesh PANSARE
Partner organisations: Add Oil Education, Lizzie Bee, Eden Ministry, Speak4Humanity, Ark Eden, S.Nine by Susanna Soo, Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power, House of Folklore, Ebenezer School for the Visually Impaired, Down Syndrome Association, Around

Project objectives: Student consultants at the Eureka Consulting Group (ECG) have successfully applied management concepts learnt at the university to real world situations in eleven organisations in Hong Kong. This project aims to (i) recruit case writers to develop high quality business cases in simple English, (ii) highlight the social impact that ECG’s consulting services have on clients and thus fulfil the purpose of transferring knowledge to the general public, and (iii) spread pro bono culture and inspire the Hong Kong community to dedicate their time and skills to give back to society.

Project outcomes: The project was particularly successful in (i) communicating to the general public the importance of applying management concepts into real life situations to solve problems, (ii) showing non-profit organisations how to replicate the application of business, management and other skills into solving real life problems or issues the organisation itself is facing, (iii) promoting the pro bono culture into the wider public while showcasing the importance of having non-profit organisations with social missions in the community, and (iv) providing future student consultants at ECG extra resources on how to communicate and translate skills they learnt at HKU to helping the client to solve their issues. In 2015-16, a total of 11 short cases and 5 long cases were developed. The cases were made available to the general public:

                               project photo                 project photo
                                                 Business case developed by Eureka's case writers                             


Soap Cycling Project

soap cycling
Photo source: Pixabay (royalty free)

Project Co-ordinator: Mr. David BISHOP
Partner organisations: Soap Cycling

Project objectives: Soap Cycling Project was initiated in 2011-12. The project aims to enhance environmental awareness of the general public, demonstrate the importance of recycling, and encourage students to be more creative when they are faced with difficulties. Slightly used hotel soaps that are to be thrown away will be turned into new, clean soaps using refining and plodding machines. The processed soaps will then be distributed to disadvantaged communities in developing countries by various charitable organisations.

Project outcomes: Over the 2015-16 academic year, Mr. David BISHOP and his team have brought nearly 500,000 bars of soap to disadvantaged communities in Southeast Asia. The team had recruited nearly 2,000 volunteers and more than 30 HKU student interns. More than 20 companies in Hong Kong have participated in corporate volunteer sessions. The team has successfully kept more than 20,000 kg of soap from entering landfills.        

Business Consulting for Social Enterprises                                                   

digital marketing
Photo source: Pixabay (royalty free)

Project Co-ordinator: Dr. Michael CHAU
Project Team Member: Mr. Baniel CHEUNG, HKU Consulting
Partner organisations: St. James’ Settlement, La Violet Education, The Karen Leung Foundation


Project objectives: This project aims to (i) serve social enterprises and NGOs by providing sustainable, distinctive and feasible business recommendations, and (ii) improve the capability and knowledge in online business and marketing in social enterprises and NGOs.

Project outcomes: By providing recommendations on digital marketing and management, the team has helped enhance the performance in online businesses of two targeted organisations, namely La Violet Education and The Karen Leung Foundation. The team is currently working with St. James’ Settlement.




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